When you create or doing something, the idea is important.
The Totem it is a visible thing to help us understand and not to forget invisible realities and meanings that are beyond the reach of our senses.

On this Photoshoot I found a ballerinas shoes fixed on the ceiling and regarded as a group symbol and as a protector of the theater dancers. It was something such as a particular mark that represents some piece of information and in the same time as a symbol which is always leave something unsaid. Totems always keep a secret of the success that is why we want to belong to them. That is why I decided to create the images.

Contemporary Series of Inspiring Authoring Photography “Totem.” California. 2016. By Masha Melnik for Contemporary Design, California. 2016.

You can find all photos here.






Copyright @ Masha Melnik Photography 2016. All rights reserved

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