“Photography is my way to navigate the world”

It is a great pleasure for me to participate at one of the biggest New York Art Fairs!FullSizeRender
The Photography series “Follow Me” is a part of my long work created from the 2009 years until the present time. By showing the work in a public space as Art Expo New York, I hope to raise awareness and conversation. I recognize that we are all connected, and I would love to be a part of the Modern community!
I removed the impression of traditional photography and turned on in the opposite direction – put the abstract effects over the real. Sometimes on uncomfortable visual references, it becomes the honest way to share a photo with everyone I love.

My creative goal is to expose spiritual insight, that designed by the impulse in my imaginations.IMG_2930

Over many years of my life, I grew stronger in my opinion that everything on our planet is interconnected. That is why my photo project is not only a philosophy but the result of my life experience which I would like to share.

Please take a moment and review my professional page and discover the ideas I use to create a space with my Fine Art Photography.

Masha Melnik