THELMA GOLDEN with Joachim Pissarro and David Carrier

“The more diversity you have, the faster you are able to get the right answer…” – Kerry McCarthy.

When I read interviews with people like Thelma Golden, I am not afraid to achieve new goals.

As someone from the far country, I am responsive to the diversity in my industry. For all the time I am looking for ways to work in a foreign land with native and multicultural people. I became more loyal, more tolerant and more open-minded for the last five years for the laborious time I moved and studied a new language.

Thelma’s bio shows that we can learn not only from schools but mutual experience and nonverbal connections with objects. I agreed with her.

With time I noticed that a comprehensive search strategy based on the specific needs of museums would increase the quality of the museum services, bring a different cultural look to the exhibitions and create an art field that people want to see in the modern art institutions. I am sure; there are a lot of multilingual and multiracial professionals who look farther the market and able to contribute the culture.

According to a Thelma Golden interview, that a critical part of curatorial duties to be as an active co-conspirator with artists, reflected in me. The same cultural language will make it more comfortable and awake new opportunities for all sides of the conversation to what the art future may bring.

“We are equal in how we should be treated. Every race and gender is equal in this sense, but we are all different – and, that is a beautiful thing.” -James Michael Sama

Inspiring day to all! Masha