According to Diane Arbus: “Photography is the secret of secrecy. The more she talks to you, the less you know. ”
I found this when I was sixteen, and I loved reading biographies. Diana became for me an extraordinary personality, a brave stranger with mystical magnetism. Yesterday I had Deja Vue.Insomnia at the Beach by Masha Melnik_15
The only difference is that now I work in the field of art industry and have an invitation to a sacred temple of hidden stories. I stopped reading my book and realized that I chose my favorite profession because of the Diane Arbus biography. And in my sixteen years, I wanted to be a storyteller who knows secrets.
In ordinary I’m one of the characters in my photoshoot or a design project, can I say after that that I’m capturing love or a particular life? My answer is no. I fix the moment of someone’s legend, but the essence of the truth is still hidden behind my camera.
Photograph, has no truth, no religion, no time. It’s just a preparation. When someone talks about Fine art, it is talking about the Artist. We are not able to keep secrets they will be encrypted to the image and expanding the story. The impulse to creation is liberation for the soul. Unofficial confession of the Artist through his work. The drama will follow the nature of the Artist and, finally, reborn in colors, textures or objects.
The precise cut of the Fine art this is a pure experience, including storyteller’s past reincarnations and tons of hours on practices.
As soon as we receive the keys to the Secrets of the Universe, we untwine the secrets hidden in the Award Fine Art.


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