I’m a Contemporary Artist Masha Melnik.

A creative visionary who feels comfortable with the intersection of lifestyle design and art.

Born in Saint-Petersburg in a family of Russian artists I started my Photographer career in 2005. My current studio located in the United States, where I  work as a Fine Art Professional and Curator.

I invite Art Collectors to review a more comprehensive selection of my photography. You can find it realistic or silly, sometimes playful or abstract, as my poetries it will talk with you about my mocking life experience. I am the mirror, the ink, the electricity of my nerves. The only thing that I know well it is a dual me, we’re oblivion of images briefly flow between absent me. With all these series I do explore myself without confusions.

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 Miami Herald Publisher, South Beach Magazine, Miami New Times, Art Magazine Artway Moscow – Spb

Curator, Decorator, Blogger, Nominees writer in 2013 and 2017 years
I will be happy to provide you with more information. Please, contact me by email melnik.deco@gmail.com or gallery@artsignificator.com for fast responding.
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