I’m a Millennial Art Collector, Curator, and Founder of the platform with a 60k thoughtful followers Art CuratorOnline. Artist and Author myself, Maria Miroshnichenko. The creative nickname that I have used since the 2005 year is Masha Melnik. Please, explore my creative ideas and field below.



I live and work between Miami, Los Angeles, and Moscow.
I can introduce myself as an innovative visionary who feels comfortable with the intersection of lifestyle design, art, technologies, and photography. I am an aesthete and philanthropist.
The visually my work as an Artist, Curator and Collector prioritizes direct experience and focuses on the intersection of the recognizable and the unfamiliar. The process of transformation is my subject. I do analyze a technic as a process of the artist sublimation, that is why research in any kind is essential for me.
I began exploring photography and art industry as a second discipline at Economic University in Russia during the emergence in interest in advance technologies. As an Artist, I exhibited widely in the United States and beyond. I also do projects as a Decorator/Home Stager of Interior Design if my clients request it. In the 2013 year, I have been founded an online platform Art Curator Online on Instagram, trough this media content I help my customers finding art pieces, creating and managing contemporary art collections. I also help other artists to submit and promote their masterpieces on social media.
Please, contact me by email@miromaria.com. I will be happy to provide you with more information.


As a Contemporary artist, Masha Melnik is moving towards daily research and trying to match a global color and interior design trends within her experimental art photography. img_1162
Masha looks at the innovative ideas in the technologies and art industry; she appreciates open-minded and unordinary solutions in art production.
Her photographs show the complexity of digital, art techniques and last trends in printing. Each style of her art piece provides a unique artist point of view to the world and give us an opportunity to talk dipper about ourselves and explore how sophisticated our souls are.

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Photographs published: Miami Herald Publisher, South Beach Magazine, Miami New Times, Art Magazine Artway Moscow

Curator, Decorator, Blogger, Nominees writer in 2013 and 2017 years

I will be happy to provide you with more information. Please, contact me email@miromaria.com for fast responding.

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