I like the idea of “pop-ups.”

Something short and temporary like reminders on my laptop screen.

They bear me down to do something and disappearing. Same with my memories. The energy of the past situation wakes me up and pushing to create. If I miss the moment to design it will go away then.

For the many years, I learned a lot from my feelings. One of those things is based on brain reactions.

What I have to do, it is to catch the inspiration quickly. Otherwise, it would mean the same as never. So, I appreciate my brain reminders about the Photoshoot at Chinatown of San-Francisco.

This series of images has been created as a transformation from surreal photography to the flashbacks in my mind.

When I think about my visit to Chinatown, the red light of the lampshades pulses in my head. I am going far away from the present to my ancient magic spirit and creating photography effects.

Please, review my Experience on the Gallery page.

“CHINATOWN POP UPS” 2017. Experimental Contemporary Photography and Self-experience. Canon EOS Mark 5 III. Canon Lens 35 mm Ultrasonic f 1.4 USM.

Copyright © Masha Melnik Photography 2005 – 2017. All rights reserved