The process of my insomnia is expressed by itself without prior consistency,
What put me in an organic difficulty.

The intolerable night scooped out dysfunctional beliefs from me.
With a straightened back, I stood and pleased myself with radiance.
It is nothing but lasting memories of a phobia.

My body flashes with thunderstorms from the three years old.
A strong wind sparse the energy of light across the water, and I ran away carrying something unique.
I didn’t belong to my fear, and I didn’t belong to a thunderstorm, but electricity was moving along my nerves.

Last night, I was still running from the thunderstorm,
And my parts were bursting with restless legs syndrome.
They contained my phobia of thunderstorms, and it hit all over my body.
The lack of potential in co-creation is unlimited; the involvement is fast-rhythmic,
Insomnia will now become chronic and thunderstorms regular,
Awakening in a psychosomatic attack is the necessary sequence.

Masha Melnik, 2013, Florida