Inspired by ART IN CONVERSATION THELMA GOLDEN with Joachim Pissarro and David Carrier https://brooklynrail.org/2017/05/art/Thelma-Golden “The more diversity you have, the faster you are able to get the right answer…” – Kerry McCarthy. When I read interviews with people like Thelma Golden, I am not afraid to achieve new goals. As someone from the far country, […]


The interlacing

“Sol Le Witt wrote in his ‘Sentences on Conceptual Art’ (1967): ‘Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. Art involves conceptual investment in objects and images, just like religion requires an investment of significance into its sacred images and the ritual use of objects”. We can conceive photography as a composite of thousands of thoughts, […]

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Sense of Moderation

I’ve become nobody. Lack of emotions has drained my self-reflection. Only the dry skin is cracking on my elbows and leather is bursting on an old armchair. Who could’ve thought that my skin would be so incontinent. Its reactions have become unambiguous and critically expressed. Which can’t be said about the old leather armchair. It […]

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