A Mysterious and Divine magnetism that lifted me up‚ pulled me into the Golden Gate Bridge in this cold summer morning‚ and allowed me to see and feel for myself‚ albeit only to a small human‚ limited extent‚ what is this place about.
There is beauty in not knowing, in being awash in the mystery of being. Can you feel it? Lean back with your eyes closed. Your arms opened wide. Be there with all of the life’s mysteries. Welcome them into your life.
Dr. Einstein to tell us that what is mysterious is also beautiful, that in fact, it is the most beautiful of all experiences I could have.
“Mysterious Golden Gate Bridge.” California. Experimental Photography Series. Contemporary Photography by Masha Melnik. Canon EOS Mark 5 III. Canon Lens 24 – 70 mm Ultrasonic f 2.8 USM. Natural light. Recommended for Decorating in Contemporary and Industrial Styles. Recommended size for printing in Acrylic 8′-4′. Best quality 40″-26”.
You can find all photos here.

Golden Gate by Masha Melnik_2Golden Gate by Masha Melnik_13Golden Gate by Masha Melnik_4

Golden Gate by Masha Melnik_18


Copyright © Masha Melnik Photography 2016. All rights reserved


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