My inspirational architecture by extraordinary Zaha Hadid.MAXXI_ROME_MUSEUM7

My favorite female architect who is believes in the idea of future. I was at Rome that tragic day March 31, 2016, when she is passed away in Miami, and I decided to spend my time in the MAXXI National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, one of the famous buildings she designed.
Dedicated to the memory Zaha Hadid

Explore my Pinterest board for more inspiration about the amazing designs by Zaha Hadid.

Architecture by Zaha Hadid
Architecture by Zaha Hadid
Architecture by Zaha Hadid
Architecture by Zaha Hadid
Architecture by Zaha Hadid
Architecture by Zaha Hadid
Architecture by Zaha Hadid
Architecture by Zaha Hadid
Architecture by Zaha Hadid

All photoshoot you can find here.

Copyright @ Masha Melnik Photography 2016. All rights reserved


One thought on “ Inside and Out of MXXI, Rome ”

  1. Que legais suas dicas!!!! Estou indo à Londres daqui há algums meses e sou fã de compras… Se as coisas não mudaram muito por lá, suas dicas foram essesncias!


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