She said – “With no make up I become invisible”. It is a story of Nastya’s disappearing in five images. ”Makeup, it is like starting over again. I am too odd and too absorbed in the real life. I make a new person every day instead of feelings. Someone told me, that I stuck in the gap between real […]

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I was thinking about fog in the winter when something came to my mind.
I tried to read the symbol of confusions, but it was unpleasant to me. My looming difficulties are not visible
so I have to discover something that I couldn’t imagine

The mental senses are just an indicator for the metaphoric world. My awakened feelings are the direction to my truth. How often do I see the clarity over obsessions?

A synthetic time is here to escape the moment. I am just one of the no name elements of multiple realities, a predictor of positive transformations.

Inspiration extracted my psyche-body and fog came out to my reality. Now everything is an illusion.
Masha Melnik©, Winter, California, 2013

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