My sculpture a Great Pyramid was inspired by abstract works of Kenneth Noland.


Noland is known for his improvisational techniques involving colors and shapes, and I was fascinated with finding the right forms as I was designing my digital patterns. Creating this new piece of art, I analyzed everything through the intuitive symbols and followed the free movements of my soul. My world is primitive, and my brain has to focus on the basics of construction. Someone once said it’s brain damage, someone else called it spiritual harmony, but I view it as experiencing a routine moment. An artistic search is a tool that helps me open my eyes. When I’m in the process, I feel movements in the air and under my skin, but can’t accept them; everything feels uncomfortable until it becomes objective. Nothing is right or wrong, it’s all a matter of interpretation. Unshaped but strong waves were applied to the geometry of the sculpture. I called this piece A Great Pyramid. This pyramid now an indication of the painful emotions that blocked my stomach and transformed into a big open mouth. My sculpture is a symbol of self-investigation.


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