Who knows that Creative activities helped us to develop attention skills and cognitive learning at school?!627A0514-2

Later on, Creative activities helped us to learn about grouping and classification, physical properties of objects, and cause and effect.
We felt free to imagine, invent, create, and tried out new ways to made things every day.
We thought outside of the box. And why many of us lost it.

We are all Creative every day, in a thousand ways that we may not think of in that context. Artistic expression provides many opportunities for us during our busy adult life. Putting together a meal is a creative act, cooking dinner, scheduling, making the outfit in the morning, planning a vacation or weekend, dating with someone or having sex. Creativity is a flirt and a tease. I bet if you go through your average day you can find at least ten examples of you being creative because it comes from the outside looking in– from the thoughts, feelings, and reactions.
Despite the fact that we actually can be Creative and bring more Creativity into our life than because it feels amazing!
Wish you all keep an open mind to a variety of new ideas and remember that there is no right or wrong way of Inspiring Creativity.

Xo, Masha


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